A free utility to copy evidence files and ensure they are copied in a forensically sound manner.

Forensicopy is designed to copy evidence files from one location to another while maintaining the original timestamps (MAC Times). It also creates a hash of all the files before and after the copy process and verifies that the file has been copied accurately. An extensive log file is generated during the copy process in order to maintain the chain of custody.

Please note:
ForensiCopy is designed to copy evidence files. It’s not a substitute for a forensic image. If possible you should always create a full forensic drive image. Only in situations where it’s not possible to create a forensic image, it’s recommended to make a forensic copy with a tool like ForensiCopy.

Download Forensicopy:

Download “ForensiCopy V1.4” ForensiCopy-V1.4.zip – Downloaded 9017 times – 1 MB

Note: By downloading ForensiCopy you agree to the ForensiCopy license (click to read).